Integration Navigator


  1. Integration Swapper - Allows you to swap between the various integrations. (If results are filtered for one integration, they'll be filtered for the other ones as well.)
  2. Results - Shows you results for the particular integration.

Getting to it Manually

From your Dialer click on the three little dots in the XSI Actions Navigator and choose "Integration Navigator".

Getting to it Automatically

You can have the Dialer autoshow integration results by going to the Dialer's Dashboard, choosing the "INTEGRATIONS" tab and scrolling to the bottom. You can pick your primary integration and toggle autoshow.

Filtering from Plug Icon

If the integration's trigger state matches the event's state, integration results will be filtered to match that call.

You can also click on ANY plug icon that you see to filter results that are related. Call Log calls that have the icon are also able to do this.

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