Downloading & Installing the Dialer

Chrome Store

Once you're at the Google Chrome store, click the "+ FREE" button near the top right of the page.

If it's already installed, you won't see the "+ FREE" button.


Chrome will ask you to "Add" the Dialer. In other words, it's requesting your permission to allow the following:

  • Read and change all your data on the websites you visit - Used to scrape pages and turn numbers into click-to-dial.
  • Read and change your bookmarks - Creating easy access call bookmarks.
  • Capture content off your screen - For future OCR (Text Recognition) to turn numbers into click-to-dial.
  • Read data you copy and paste - Allows Meet Me Conferencing to copy details to your system's clipboard.
  • Manage your downloads - Allows Meet Me Conferencing to download the calendar events created.
  • Open downloaded files - Allows Meet Me Conferencing to open the downloaded calendar events.

Click "Add". Give Chrome a few moments to download the Dialer.

After Adding

Once Chrome has downloaded the Dialer, the Dialer's Dashboard will automatically open. This will continue to happen until you successfully login to the Dialer.

Follow the steps presented to let ZTP help you get started.


If ZTP is successful, your next step is logging in. Enter your password and click "LOGIN".

Otherwise you'll have to add a custom Service Provider.

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