Dialer Popout

Dialer Location - In Browser

The in-browse option keeps the Dialer within your Chrome tabs. it's nice because it'll always be next to the content you're viewing. Any tab that was open before the Dialer started will have to be refreshed.

Dialer Location - Window

This means the Dialer will open up in it's own window. I love this option because sometimes there are particular tabs that Chrome disallows extensions in.

Window Type - Popup & Panel

You can learn more about the window types here.

Easy Toggle

If the Dialer is currently in your browser and visible, click on the three little dots on the bottom XSI Controller and click "Pop Dialer Out".

If the Dialer is already a Window and you want to pop it back into the browser, follow the same steps but this time click "Put Dialer in Browser Tab".

From Options/Dashboard

Get to the Dialers Dashboard and click the "INTERACTIONS" tab. Find the options for "Dialer Popout" and set your preferences.

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