This tab houses all your contacts and is filtered by contact types (Busy Lamp Field, Enterprise Directory, Google, ect..).

Contact Entry

If you hover over any entry and click on the button that appears, you'll toggle more details about that contact. All phone #s are click-to-dial ready.

Contact Types

All contacts no matter their origin are grouped into one massive list. To view only your Google contacts, click on the "g" near the search/filtering menu. Other directories can be found when hovering/clicking on the three little people. You can also search through ALL your contact by text terms.


If you're part of a Service Provider that's on core, your Busy Lamp Field enteries will update with the contact's current status/state. You can add a "LIVE FILTER" to only show contacts with events.

  1. State - Red: Active, Orange: Alerting, Purple: Held.
  2. Memo - Short message about the event.
  3. Personality - Originator: You started the call. Terminator: The call was made to you.
  4. Endpoint - Device being used to talk on. Either mobile or desk.
  5. Duration - Time since the call was answered.

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